Food Bank
For 2024, we've made the decision to dedicate significant resources to our local food bank. With all the food insecurity we see in our community, we felt an obligation to step up and help. The Orangeville food bank feeds about 1,200 people per month, 73% of whom are women and children. They manage 500,000 pounds of food distribution per year. Avalon makes a regular financial contribution (equal to the revenues we bring in from our first 1,000 farm visitors per year). So know that your visit to the farm isn't just immersing you in serenity: it is relieving many families of their food insecurity in tough times. 
Women's Mental Health
For my many years, we have supported Women's Mental Health, and we continue to be strong supporters of that cause. Women experience depression and anxiety twice as often as men, yet are three times more likely to experience barriers when it comes to accessing mental health services. That's why Avalon Lavender Farm has supported Women's College Hospital: Canada’s largest clinical and research program focused on women's mental health. Their program is breaking down barriers to care through virtual initiatives, on-site child care and flexible hours while making revolutionary advances in mental health research and treatment that address the unique physiological, biological and social needs of women.
You can find out more, here.

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In Support of Women's College Hospital