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Literally meaning “Isle of Fruit,” Avalon is the legendary isle featured in Arthurian legend. Associated with the mystical, the enchantress Morgan le Fay/Morgana, Glastonbury Tor, divine feminine and masculine energies, cycles of birth and death, and the Chalice Well. In short: a fertile, healing, place full of magical Celtic nature transformation.


Come see our beautiful Celtic Stone Circle, our fully restored 1891 barn, our re-wilded river meadow running along the banks of the Nottawasaga North Branch, our flowing lavender fields, our on-farm distillation and products workshop, our honey apiary, our flock of free range Lavender Orpington hens, and our thoroughbred rescue KitKat and her pony companion Spirit.


30 hens, 2 horses, 225,000 square feet of ground cover, 400 new trees, incuding 40 new fruit trees, 130 plants in our first lavender test garden in 2020, grown to a total of 27,400 lavender plants in the big field, all planted by hand, 7 lavender cultivars; four from the UK and three from France; a 60 foot wide Celtic stone circle, a 1350 square foot Barn Boutique in a restored 1891 heritage barn; 24 bee hives in our apiary, 25 hand crafted products and more products from 12 local makers.  


We're passionate about
Regenerative Farming

Avalon Lavender Farm is a serene country farm that invites guests to connect with nature, pick their own lavender, enjoy health and earth-connected workshops and events, and purchase premium natural, hand-crafted, perfumed products. 


In 2019 we left Toronto with our three small children, and moved to an 1873 farmhouse in the rolling green hills of Mono, Ontario. We wanted more connection with earth, air, water, green, and for these precious family years to mean something special. 

In 2021, a crew of friends, family and dedicated locals collectively planted our lavender babies. Not only are there over 200 rows of lavender but also, lavender chickens, horses, honey bees, a winding river, and a restored heritage barn where we make Mood Honey products fresh from the Avalon Lavender Farm crops.

You'll see us at many local markets on the weekends and in the Barn Boutique Thursday-Sunday from 10-6pm.

We welcome you to come and unwind in nature for free this year! With our plants in their juvenile stages, there are no big showy blooms. We do have acres of green, a riverside meadow, horses, hens, and wise old trees.

Visit us at 347036 Mono Centre Rd Mono, ON, Canada L9W 6S2.